Informed Parents Make A Difference!

Websites and Blogs

Books on Anorexia

There are many good books about anorexia, these are a select few that have proven most helpful to us

Books on Communication

These books are very helpful in learning how to communicate when your child is emotionally out of control

Websites and Books on Evidence Based Therapy

For Mental Illnesses that Often Co-occur with Anorexia

Talks on Anorexia

Organizations about Eating Disorders

Resources to Find FBT Therapists


Most children with anorexia deal with anxiety too. In fact, anxiety is the number one mental illness in childhood and the most treatable. We feel it often is the ongoing trigger that allows for other mental illnesses to enter so the more we understand how to help our child with anxiety, the more we can help them have skills for life and a much great probability of better mental health.